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{code} pigeon helps you organize, Store and Edit your {code} right in one place. We see ourselves as an outsourced Content Management System, because it allows users to Store {code} from their Website on our Servers and edit it trough our nice graphical interface.

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Access your Code from anywhere at anytime! The only things you will need is an Internet connection and your login credentials.
Get detailed Statistics about your code requests


Get Statistics of how often your Script is requested from our Server and compare it to other analytics tools you may have installed.
As fast as Light!


CodePigeons servers are spread across multiple locations in the world. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers your script on average in less then 0,6 seconds to any location in the world.

Code can be sent via SSL


CodePigeons scripts will depending on if your site is using http or an encrypted https connection utilize the same connection type.
Work together and share your code


Organize your different scripts into groups so that you can always find what you are looking for.
Easily change your source code


Easily change your Code. With just a few clicks you can change the content you stored on our servers. You can even use CodePigeons visual editor (like Word) to create html content.

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I must say that most my code is hosted on codepigeon.com. That's because: 1. I can easily edit it 2. The Website loads faster (codepigeon has 3 servers in 3 different continents) 3. I need less bandwidth and 4. I love how my code is organized. Tina Nice way to outsource CMS

Customer Review

I constantly flip websites and one of the things which scares many buyers (without solid script knowledge) away is the need to look thorough my script and find all the Adsense and Analytics code so that they can change it to theirs! But now after finding Code Pigeon , I can just transfer the access to the Adsense + Analytics code to the buyer and they can easily change the code to theirs. More potential buyers means higher Flipping prices. Chris Great for Flipping

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I own a restaurant and our Homepage is an old 2004 static html Site! The problem is that every day we have a special on our menu. Before finding CodePigeon I had to log into the server everyday and change the special menu there. This took several minutes... Now I just log into CodePigeon and change it there in a matter of seconds! Thanks for this great service. John Just Works

Fast and Simple

Feb 10, 2012 by Georg

I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Increased my page speed and reduced the time I always spent on editing certains aspects of my website.

Response: I am glad that you like it.

Thanks Georg

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I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Increased my page speed and reduced the time I always spent on editing certains aspects of my website.